Billie Eilish Thought Everybody Would Hate ‘Bad Guy’

Just a few days ago, Billie Eilish performed her defining single “Bad Guy” on Saturday Night Live. It’s truly a tremendous and successful song: Its dark sound subverts the expectations of bright and sunny pop music, and yet, it was a No. 1 song and has been streamed hundreds of millions of times. Pretty much everybody loves the single, but Eilish actually thought that nobody would.

She and her brother Finneas stopped by The Howard Stern Show for an interview recently, and during the chat, she said, “I don’t know what people want anymore, because I thought that everyone would hate ‘Bad Guy’ and that everyone would hate ‘When The Party’s Over.’ So, I don’t know what to expect now.”

Stern also asked about Eilish’s feelings on being famous at a young age, and she responded, “Because it happened when I was 13, there’s a part of me that feels I did miss being a teenager, like I didn’t get to be a teenager, a normal one. More and more, I get more grateful for it happening that young because I feel like, if it had happened later, then people would be able to dig up dirt from when I was that age. If this hadn’t happened at that age, I would have been doing some reckless sh*t.”

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