Billie Eilish Suspected She Wouldn’t Win Any 2022 Grammys Before It Actually Happened

Billie Eilish had an up-and-down night at the 2022 Grammys in February: She put on one of the show’s most striking performances but didn’t win a single one of the seven awards for which she was nominated. While that may have been a surprise for fans, it seems like not only did it not shock Eilish, but she actually had a feeling it would happen.

In a new Billboard interview, Eilish said:

“I had this feeling yesterday at the Grammys because we obviously didn’t win anything — I went into the day suspecting we weren’t going to win anything, and of course, the internet, no matter what happens, is going to be like, ‘You were robbed,’ and I’m just like, ‘I wasn’t, I have seven at home. It’s OK, it’s all good.’ […] I was nominated and that’s amazing, but getting up during a commercial break and people coming up to me being like, ‘You changed my life, your music gets me through the day,’ I’m like, ‘That’s it.'”

Finneas chimed in, “That’s the win.” Eilish then continued, “I’m getting choked up because yesterday, I was like, ‘Who gives a f*ck if you don’t have fans?’ That’s what I care about. I just want to keep enjoying the music that we make. And so that’s why I think I’m a little bit of a procrastinator when it comes to working, especially when we’re busy. In theory, I want to make a song and put out an album next year, but that means we have to make it, and it’s really hard to make music, for me. I don’t want to make something I don’t like, so I get freaked out, but I never want to stop creating the way that we create and making music that touches people. That’s it, you know? That’s the only longevity I give a sh*t about.”

Check out the full interview here.