Billie Eilish’s Adorable Puppy Pooped All Over Her Very Expensive Sneakers

Sneakerheads know to keep an eye on Billie Eilish’s feet, as she’s an aficionado who is often seen sporting flashy and expensive footwear. That same crowd ought to stay away from Eilish’s Instagram Story right now, though. Last night, she came home to a tragically scatological scene, as her puppy pooped all over a bunch of rare and expensive sneakers.

Eilish explained the situation, beginning in a blank video, “So I get home, and I walk into my room, and I smell sh*t. So I’m like, ‘Damn, did I step on sh*t in the yard, and I came inside with it? Let me check my shoes,’ whatever. Check, nothing there, I’m good. I’m like, ‘OK, I must be imagining.’ So I go to put my shoes away, and, um…” After trailing off, she moves the camera to reveal a few pairs of shoes on the floor, most of which became the victim of her dog’s bowels, as multiple piles of unfortunately loose excrement were on and between the shoes. “This is what I f*cking find,” Eilish finished her thought.

She then walks through the damage and finishes the video with a big sigh and says, “F*ck yeah.” To wrap up this odyssey, Eilish shared a photo of the culprit in a cute pose and wrote, “oh you innocent now?”

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Buzzfeed did a breakdown of the value of Eilish’s soiled shoes (well, their pre-soiled value, anyway), and the number is tragically big. The priciest shoes featured in the video are a pair of Air Jordan x Dior sneakers, which sell for around $8,000. Those shoes seemed to sustain a relatively minimal amount of damage, though, so perhaps they could be saved.

Hopefully Eilish will be cheered up this weekend, as she is one of the most-nominated artists at the upcoming MTV VMAs.