Billie Eilish And Finneas Perform An At-Home Tiny Desk Concert On An Impressive Replica Set

In recent months, NPR has shifted the format of its storied Tiny Desk series, instead tasking artists with giving intimate performances from their homes or other spaces that aren’t the NPR office. They got Billie Eilish (joined by her brother Finneas) to participate in their latest performance, and it sure does look like they are in the usual Tiny Desk performance space.

It turns out, though, that the two actually just set up a replica of the space that looks convincing on camera. Between songs, Eilish explained, “So obviously, we are not actually at Tiny Desk, because this is a cardboard cutout of it. But it’s still real, it’s just not in-person real.” The final shot of the performance reveals their setup, which consists of a desk in front of the giant photos of the NPR office’s Tin Desk area, held up on two big wooden frames.

The performance consisted of two songs. Eilish sang and played keyboard on “My Future” as Finneas sat behind her, playing backing guitar and sometimes chiming in with complementary vocals. The two switched places for “Everything I Wanted,” as Finneas took over the keyboard while Eilish sat behind him and sang.

Watch the full performance above.