Billie Eilish Shouts ‘What The F*ck’ And Laughs At An Odd And Unexpected Concert Mix-Up

Billie Eilish is down in Australia at the moment for a run of Happier Than Ever: The World Tour concerts in the country. Her first show there was at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney on Tuesday the 13th and fans were treated to an unusual and candid moment from Eilish thanks to a production mishap.

A fan-shot TikTok video shows Eilish on stage, sitting on a stool as she sings “When The Party’s Over,” with a simple stage set-up of just a spotlight shining on her from above. For a couple seconds, a video of a car (that appears to be a Mercedes-AMG One, as some commenters on the video pointed out) unexpectedly plays on a giant screen. Eilish, presumably noticing the change in the light coming from behind her, turns around. She sees what’s going on and shouts, “What the f*ck,” and laughs.

Meanwhile, also while in Australia, Eilish spoke about what it was like meeting the UK’s royal family, saying, “I had it all ready to go. I was studying what the etiquette was supposed to be. I was ready to curtsy, I was ready to not shake a hand, I was ready to not ask questions, and [laughs] not speak unless I was spoken to. I was so worried about it, too, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to know how to do it.’ And they all walked and they were like [does handshake gesture], ‘Hey, what’s up, how are you, how’s it going?’”