Bleachers Kicked Off Their ‘SNL’ Appearance With The Jazzy, Confrontational ‘How Dare You Want More’

Roddy Ricch was initially slated to perform as the first musical guest of 2022 on Saturday Night Live tonight, but the rapper had to postpone his first appearance on the show due to Covid-19 exposure on his team. While plenty of pop heads sure did wish the folks at SNL might consider bringing back Charli XCX because her spot got canceled due to rampant Omicron variant spread in late December, that scheduling didn’t work, and instead, Jack Antonoff of Bleachers stepped in.

Kicking off the night with a performance of their Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night single “How Dare You Want More,” Bleachers were in fine form despite the quick substitution. Antonoff has been pretty open about the painful breakups that informed his most recent album, and this song definitely sounds like it’s hashing through some of those issues. With not one but two saxophonists on deck for the performance, who both got to strut their stuff during a few different musical breaks, the performance was a great introduction Bleachers’ jazzy, confrontational sound. Since so many people are familiar with Jack as the right hand collaborator and producer for pop stars like Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, it’s nice to see him get the spotlight for once. Watch above.