Britney Spears Will Not Face Charges In The Battery Case Against Her Housekeeper

Last week, Britney Spears accused of slapping the housekeeper’s phone out of her hand after an argument the two had about the singer’s dogs. According to TMZ, the housekeeper took the dogs to the vet after she noticed that they were not being properly fed and dehydrated. After the visit, she opted to keep them rather than return them to the singer, and this was the spark of the fight between them. But now Spears won’t face any criminal charges.

As reported by TMZ and confirmed by Variety, Spears avoided charges because The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office reportedly had “insufficient evidence lack of injury to the housekeeper or significant damage to the phone.” After the charges were filed, Britney’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart called the incident an “overblown sensational tabloid fodder.”

The news comes after singer reportedly claimed her father Jamie Spears tried to extort her out of $2 million ahead of his potential removal from his conservatorship. Jamie planned to use some of the money to pay his lawyers and former business manager Tri Star. In a statement from Rosengart about the allegations, he said, “The status quo is no longer tolerable, and Britney Spears will not be extorted.” Britney’s team asked Jamie to resign from his position or have him suspended until September 29 if he refuses to step down.