Britney Spears’ New Lawyer Officially Filed To Remove Her Father From The Conservatorship

After the revelations from the The Framing Britney Spears documentary led to an outburst from the pop star herself, it looks like the walls around Britney’s conservatorship are finally crumbling down. Although she cryptically stated that fans still don’t know the true nature of her conservatorship, she’s also slammed those closest to her who “never showed up” when she needed them to. Now that the singer is finally able to retain her own lawyer, Matthew Ronsengart, he’s officially filed to remove Jamie Spears as one of Britney’s conservators.

According to The New York Times, the filing calls her case a “Kafkaesque nightmare” and pointed to “serious questions abound concerning Mr. Spears’s potential misconduct, including conflicts of interest, conservatorship abuse and the evident dissipation of Ms. Spears’s fortune.” Removing her father is the first step in dismantling the conservatorship, but further filings indicate that pressing charges against Jamie for conservator abuse might take precedence.

“There might well come a time when the court will be called upon to consider whether the conservatorship should be terminated in its entirety and whether — in addition to stripping his daughter of her dignity, autonomy and certain fundamental liberties — Mr. Spears is also guilty of misfeasance or malfeasance warranting the imposition of surcharges, damages or other legal action against him,” the filing continued.

Britney’s new lawyer said he considered this “the most pressing issue facing Ms. Spears: removing Mr. Spears as conservator of the estate.” He also filed for a new accountant to control Britney’s finances, Jason Rubin, arguing that if she had the capacity to retain counsel, she also had the wherewithal to appoint a new money manager. This looks like the first step of many for Britney when it comes to restoring her autonomy and dignity, and she’s even credited the #FreeBritney movement with helping her gain the courage to do so.