Britney Spears Turned Down An Oprah Winfrey Interview About Her Conservatorship, She Says

Out of nowhere last night, Britney Spears shared a 22-minute recording of herself talking about her conservatorship and her journey through that process (although the YouTube upload of the recording has since been made private). She really dug deep and among the reveals she made is that she turned down interviews with Oprah Winfrey and others.

Spears said (as Billboard reports):

“I’ve had tons of opportunities — Oprah, interviews — to go on a platform and share the hardships and just really anything that’s going on in my mind. I really don’t think any of that is relevant, getting paid to tell your story. I feel like it’s kind of silly. I haven’t honestly shared this openly too, as well, because I’ve always been scared of the judgement and definitely the embarrassment of the whole thing, period, and the skepticism and the cynical people and their opinions of what people would actually think, [but I’m] in a place now where I’m a little bit more confident that I can be willing to share openly my thoughts and what I’ve been through.”

She later added, “I get nothing out of sharing all of this. I have offers to interview with Oprah and so many people, lots and lots of money, but it’s insane. I don’t want any of it. For me, it’s beyond a sit-down, proper interview.”

Find more about the Spears recording here.