BTS’ Jin Accepted Chris Martin’s Invitation To Debut ‘The Astronaut’ At Coldplay’s Live Show In Argentina

As if the announcement of BTS Jin’s solo single wasn’t enough, there are bigger things yet to come.

Recently revealing the promotion schedule for “The Astronaut,” on Monday, there was one more thing missing on the teaser poster: A showcase. But, of course, in iconic BTS fashion, what’s a showcase without going the extra mile, or 11,850, for it? Well, that’s exactly what you would expect from Mr. Worldwide Handsome.

In what may seem the ultimate win for any successful diehard fan, Jin is set to make his debut performance of “The Astronaut” with Coldplay in a live broadcast of their show in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 28.

In a set of promo images that features an exchange of text messages between Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin and Jin, Martin cordially invites the eldest member of BTS to their South American show to which the Korean superstar agrees. The back and forth between the two also confirms Coldplay’s involvement in the single.

“It takes more than 40 hours to get to Argentina from Korea, so I’ll start getting ready today, ” Jin replies to Martin, followed by a “See you in Buenos Aires.”

Jin’s “The Astronaut” is slowly but surely being rolled out leading up to its release on October 28. See the promo schedule below.