BTS Members RM And Jin Also Tested Positive For Covid-19

On Christmas Eve, BTS member Suga tested positive for Covid-19 after the group’s recent string of LA performances. He tested positive with no symptoms after already self-isolating in quarantine in Korea, so everyone was hopeful that none of the other members would be infected. However, their management company BigHit Music has now reported that two other members, RM and Jin, have both tested positive as of Saturday.

RM returned to Korea last week, December 17, and has been quarantining since but tested positive today with no symptoms. As for Jin, he returned to Korea on Monday, December 6, and developed “mild flu-like symptoms” on Saturday, after which he tested positive. As for Suga, he returned to Korea on December 23 and tested positive on Christmas Eve, though he was also asymptomatic. Here’s hoping all of the members have a relatively easy time with their respective quarantines and get better very soon. No word yet on whether any other members have developed symptoms or will receive a negative test.

Of course, stadium concerts are always a risky event in the time of Covid-19, but even more so for the performers, who, in this case, were exposed to four nights of crowds of thousands of people. Also important to note: all members of BTS were fully vaccinated at the end of August, which has probably contributed to the light cases and mild symptoms.

Read the full statement from BigHit Music below.


This is BigHit Music. BTS members RM and Jin were diagnosed with Covid-19 on the evening of Saturday, December 25.

After returning on Friday the 17th from the United States following his personal schedule as part of his official vacation period, RM immediately underwent PCR testing, was found negative and entered into self-quarantine in his home as mandated bye Covid-19 control procedures. However, he underwent PCR testing today before his scheduled release from quarantine and was found to be positive for Covid-19; his currently exhibiting no particular symptoms.

Jin returned to Korea on Monday, December 6 and underwent PCR testing immediately after his return and again before his release from self-quarantine, and was found negative on both occasions. However, feeling flu-like symptoms this afternoon he underwent PCR testing and was found positive for Covid-19 late this evening. He is exhibiting mild symptoms including light fever, and is undergoing self-treatment at home.

RM and Jin both completed their second round of Covid-19 vaccinations in late August, and are currently undergoing self-treatment at home as per health authority guidelines. Neither member had any contact with other members after their return to Korea.

Our company will continue to provide support for the rapid recovery of RM and Jin, placing our highest priority on the health and safety of our artists. We will continue to cooperate fully with requests and guidelines of healthcare authorities.