Charli XCX Had To Turn Down Collaborating With Britney Spears On A Remix

Charli XCX has collaborated with many artists over the course of her career, but one she hasn’t yet been able to add to the list (at least in terms of having released music with them) is Britney Spears. She actually came close on more than one occasion, though, as she noted on a recent Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance.

During the show, a couple of fans asked Charli if she was the first choice to be on Spears’ remix of the 2016 Glory single “Slumber Party” (the remix ended up featuring Tinashe), as well as what it was like to write songs for Spears’ 2013 album Britney Jean (no songs penned by Charli ended up on the album).

Charli was impressed with the questions, as her initial response was, “Whoa, that is some knowledge right there.” She continued:

“I don’t know if I was the first choice, but I did get asked to feature on the ‘Slumber Party’ remix. Unfortunately, it just couldn’t work out with the timings and everything, but I’m really impressed that you know that. That’s like very deep Nardwuar vibes. Very deep cuts. And working on the album was, you know, amazing. Nothing ended up on there, but I’m honored any time Britney calls, obviously. What a queen.”

Cohen noted he’d be interested in seeing Charli and Britney collaborate now and Charli replied, “Me too. I mean, I would love that.”

Elsewhere during the show, Charli was asked for her favorite Spears song and she couldn’t pick just one, saying, “So hard, like really, really impossible, but I really love ‘Gimme More’ slash ‘Toxic,’ sorry. Or ‘Everytime!'” Cohen also asked who Charli would like to work with and she answered, “I mean, I feel like every songwriter’s dream is to get a Rihanna cut. That’s, like, the one because she’s just the best.”

Check out clips from the interview above and below.

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