Cher Received A Three-Month Delay To Get Documents For The Ongoing Conservatorship Case Against Her Son

Over the past few months, Cher has been trying to have a conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman. Yesterday (March 6), a Los Angeles judge granted the pop star a three-month delay to get medical records and reach a private settlement, instead of dismissing her conservatorship case completely, according to Rolling Stone.

“I do think there is a lot of breadth between conservatorship or no conservatorship,” judge Jessica Uzcategui said at the hearing. “You mentioned some options. So that’s where I would encourage the parties to meet and potentially mediate.”

Allman once again appeared in court, as he is pushing back against Cher’s request and claims that he has “severe mental health and substance abuse issues.” The publication noted that Allman’s lawyer Steven Brumer feels Cher’s side is stalling — and that she refuses to meet in the middle about navigating finances.

“We’ve talked about alternative and less-restrictive means,” Brumer shared. “[They] indicated that a supportive decision-making agreement is not in [Allman’s] best interest because he still has the ability to fire that person.”

“We are concerned that this is an effort to continue moving this case forward, further and further, to bleed Mr. Allman dry,” he added. The conservatorship was initially filed because Cher felt that Allman couldn’t handle receiving trust payments from his late father, Gregg Allman. However, Allman has maintained his sobriety.

The next hearing in this ongoing case between Cher and Elijah Blue Allman is set for June 11.