Cher Seems Either Amused Or Annoyed By Dua Lipa Being Labeled ‘The Cher Of Our Generation’

Cher loves to have fun on social media — sometimes to an unhinged extent. Now, she’s on Twitter reacting to a user calling Dua Lipa “the Cher of our generation.” The tweet also included a photo of Lipa’s 2021 Grammy look next to Cher’s 1974 Grammy look.

When another user tagged Cher in the post, the star replied: “How many yrs are in a generation,” and added a thinking emoji. This was enough for the original user to delete their tweet.

Last year, Cher caused a stir in the Twitter world when she made a controversial typo, writing, “I had a great time on H.” Cher’s immediate replies turned into a mixture of people playing along and/or wondering what the heck was going on (especially since Cher’s former husband, Gregg Allman, was a heroin addict, and Cher is anti-drug and even campaigned against marijuana use in the 1960s).

Very quickly, Cher realized what had happened, but (like a champ) she did not delete her erroneous tweet. Instead, she explained (in her frequent ALL-CAPS fashion) that she’d pushed send too early. Then Cher communicated that the camera work on HSN was less than desirable, and had ‘MADE ME LOOK LIKE’ she had… eaten a turkey.