Conan Gray Is Approaching The Top Of Pop Thanks To His Pursuit Of Perfection

The past year-plus has been huge for Conan Gray. He began building his massive online audience many years ago, but in 2018, he released his debut EP, Sunset Season. A tour to promote that release followed, with shows across Europe and a coveted festival slot (his first) at Lollapalooza. Now, he is just about to release his debut album, Kid Krow (on March 20 via Republic Records), and it’s all because his life has been defined by a singular goal: perfection.

In the second Honda Backstage video focused on Gray, he chronicles how he got to where he is today. He says in the video that all the opportunities he has gotten have come thanks to his fear of failure: “I think my biggest fear in life is failing, and this all disappearing, and so every single thing that I do, I’m like, ‘Conan, if you don’t do this perfectly, you will die.’ It’s how I’ve felt my whole life.”

That mindset has fueled his journey, which began when he started his first YouTube channel at nine years old. He’s 21 now, so he has been hustling for over half of his young life, and his high motor is the result of his desire to leave small-town life and the struggles of his upbringing behind. Gray says, “I was just obsessed with working. I was always making videos, I was always writing songs, I was staying up until 3 in the morning every single night doing homework and getting good grades and doing everything, because I had one thing on my mind, which was escaping.”

It’s a good thing Gray is used to putting in work, because he has a lot of it ahead of him. Again, his first album comes out very soon, which means he is about to be jetting around the world, getting the word out, and doing all he can to ensure his latest endeavor adds to his proven track record of success.

The video also covers Gray’s relationship with his fans and his recent sold-out performances at LA’s Fonda Theatre, so check it out above.