Conan O’Brien Is Playfully Outraged After BTS Hilariously Got His Name Wrong

As Conan O’Brien is in his final stretch of Conan shows on TBS, he took some time on a recent episode to reflect on his legacy. He had the harsh realization, though, that if BTS’ cultural awareness is any indication (specifically, J-Hope’s), his name may not live on for long after he’s gone.

This whole thing actually happened a few days ago, but the situation is a trending topic on Twitter today. Earlier this week, O’Brien shared a clip of a game played on a BTS variety show, on which the band members were shown photos of celebrities and had to identify who the person was. O’Brien was featured, and when J-Hope saw the photo, he proudly exclaimed, “Curtain!” He and the rest of BTS quickly realized the error and had a good laugh about it. As other BTS members razzed J-Hope, he explained (translated from Korean), “I got confused for a moment.”

After showing the clip, Conan cut back to its host, sporting a steely look of disappointment and anger. An outraged (but not actually) Conan said, “Curtain. He called me Curtain! […] He said I was a curtain! I’ve been to Korea! I’ve been there! I was popular! Curtain! I’ll get you, BTS. Oh I’ll get you good.” He then broke his fake anger and continued with laughter, “And by that, I mean I’ll silently resent you. I have no power to do anything to you. You’re going to go on to have huge success. I’m very old and on the way out and you guys are pretty much running the world. So when I say I’ll get you, I just mean I’m gonna stew in my own juices for quite a long time, and you’ll be vastly unaware.”

Check out the clip above.