BTS Are Getting Their Own McDonald’s Meal And Have Sung The Restaurant’s Classic Jingle

Travis Scott famously collaborated with McDonald’s on his own signature meal last year and it was a tremendous success for everybody involved: Scott apparently helped lift McDonald’s out of a pandemic sales slump while the rapper earned about $20 million for the campaign. The iconic fast food restaurant later teamed with J Balvin for another celebrity meal, and now they’ve locked up a superstar group for another new meal: BTS.

The restaurant announced the BTS Meal today and noted that it will be available in nearly 50 countries. It will be available in the US beginning on May 26 and will roll out to other areas between then and June 25. McDonald’s also shared a video of BTS singing the iconic “ba da ba ba ba” jingle. CNN reports that the meal features 10 chicken McNuggets, a medium fry, Coca Cola, and the US debut of two new dipping sauces — sweet chili and cajun — that are inspired by the chain’s South Korea recipes.

This promotion is a recipe for success, as BTS have proven themselves to be a global force over the past few years. They beat out Taylor Swift in 2020 to become the world’s best-selling artist, they absolutely dominated Twitter last year, and they broke YouTube records.