Diplo Gets Ghosted By The Jonas Brothers In The Video For Their Collaborative Single ‘Lonely’

Diplo and the Jonas Brothers have been close for quite some time, but the producer’s relationship with the group was on the rocks back May, when he live-streamed Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s secret wedding. Even though Diplo’s broadcast made Joe’s parents find out about his marriage through headlines instead of through more personal channels, the producer and boyband have made up. In fact, Diplo (as his country project Thomas Wesley) and the Jonas Brothers have now teamed up for the new single “Lonely,” and used the video as an opportunity to make fun of Diplo’s wedding mishap.

The video opens with Diplo looking at a headline from Joe, which reads, “Diplo ruined my secret wedding.” Looking despondent, Diplo texts Joe in hopes the two can make up. The camera cuts to a shot of Joe in the studio with his brothers, but he ignores the text. The remainder of the video cuts between Diplo apologizing to the brothers and them leaving the producer on read.

Though the video is basically the Jonas Brothers poking fun at Diplo, the song itself is bittersweet. The boyband croons of longing for company to avoid loneliness. The Jonas Brothers give simple instrumentation for the bridge while Diplo offers his signature funky upbeat rhythm at the track’s chorus.

Watch Diplo and the Jonas Brothers’ video for “Lonely” above.