Doja Cat Is Roasting Her Own ‘Contractual’ Taco Bell Jingle On TikTok Before It Even Drops

On Planet Her, everything exists on Doja Cat’s terms — even her own branded content obligations. The pop star/rapper went on TikTok to let fans know that a “contractual” agreement she has with Taco Bell is dropping soon, and in her mind, this jingle is not going to be something she’s proud of doing. In a candid, no makeup clip, that seems to have been shot just after waking up, Doja spoke out about her agreement to help peddle Mexican pizza for the beloved fast food brand, and also noted that the word “jingle” has since been banned within her team.


somebody gettin cussed out

♬ original sound – Doja Cat

“Somebody gettin cussed out,” she wrote in the video’s caption, before continuing on her rant. “I got to do this f*cking — you got to be quiet though, you can’t tell anybody that I told you this — I gotta do this f*cking TikTok where I do… everybody keeps calling it a jingle,” she began. “It’s for Taco Bell, and I gotta do this f*cking jingle. By the way, I banned that word within my team, jingle. We’re not allowed to say that. But I have to do a jingle, they want me to rap about Mexican pizza, so I want to give you a heads up before you see that shit — it’s contractual. I know it’s bad.”

Well, now we all want to hear it more than ever. So keep an ear out for Doja Cat rapping about Taco Bell. Or, based on her roasting of this obligatory segment, maybe just hold out for the tour.