Yes, Replying To Your Ex Is A ‘Bad Idea,’ According To Dove Cameron’s New Single

If you didn’t learn anything from Mercury retrograde, Dove Cameron‘s new single “Bad Idea” is here to serve as your reminder. The pop singer’s new track produced by frequent collaborator Evan Blair (“Boyfriend” and “Breakfast“) chronicles the addictive nature of toxic romantic love.

The lyrics chronicle several emotionally exhaustive scenarios that many of us, unfortunately, find ourselves in. As Cameron sultrily sings in her signature low register, “I know I shouldn’t do it / but I’m gonna do it / know exactly where I shouldn’t go I’m running to it,” and, “We made it out the first time / still in love and half alive / we didn’t die but no guarantees this time,” it cuts deep — deep enough for you to examine what role you played in your own heartbreak.

In a press release (as Nylon notes), Cameron shares how the song came to be, stating, “This song was inspired by a text I got that was so intense, and such a bad idea, that I had to go straight into the studio the next morning to write about it. ‘Bad Idea’ is the moment before diving into what could potentially be a severe crash-and-burn but deciding to take the risk anyway.”

Fans feel Cameron might just have another hit on her hands, with one tweeting, “the holy trifecta is out.” Sharing in the excitement of the song’s rave reviews, Cameron promises a new album is certainly on the way.

There’s no word on when we can expect a full project from the former Disney star, but we will be ready when it drops. For now, we’ll just sit back and enjoy the singles Cameron releases.

Listen to “Bad Idea” above.