Dua Lipa Says Her Single ‘We’re Good’ Is Inspired By An ‘Amicable Breakup’

This Saturday marks exactly one year since Dua Lipa released her shimmering, ’80s-inspired album Future Nostalgia. The singer was obviously not anticipating a global pandemic when she was readying the release of her sophomore album, but she’s made the most of this last year. Despite the unprecedented time, she has managed to stay contentiously engaged with fans by releasing a remix album and debuting the new single “We’re Good.”

Lipa recently sat down for an interview with YouTube to chat about her music. Explaining the meaning behind her “We’re Good” single, Lipa said she was inspired by the elusive idea of an amicable breakup:

“The whole story behind the song is an amicable breakup. I think a lot of people wish and hope for those, especially because they can be such a difficult process to go through that at some point, you just hope that it’s a very easy break and you can both just move on with your life.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer discussed how Future Nostalgia will forever remind her of the pandemic. “Having it out during the pandemic, it almost feels like, immediately when we’re out of it, the record will becoming nostalgic of this time period,” she said. “I feel like, even for me, it will always be something that will remind me of this time and it will be a very unforgettable and pivotal moment in my career as well.”

Watch Lipa talk about the inspiration behind “We’re Good” above.

Dua Lipa is a Warner Music artist. .