Ed Sheeran Will Be On ‘The Late Late Show’ For All Of Next Week

After taking 2020 off, Ed Sheeran is finding his way back into the spotlight. Really, though, he should probably be staying away from light in general, since it appears he’s a vampire now: He’s been teasing a new single called “Bad Habits,” and in all the visuals, he has gone full Twilight. We haven’t gotten any extended previews of the song yet, but now we at least know when he will play it on TV for the first time: Next week, he will be a guest on The Late Late Show for the full week, and on one of those nights, he will perform the track on TV for the first time.

Corden made the announcement on the show and gave a rough idea of what the week will entail. He said, “All next week, the one, the only Mr. Ed Sheeran is going to be on the show every night next week! A full week of Ed. We’re going to do comedy, we’re going to chat, he’s going to play… Ed Sheeran’s going to be our musical guest every night of the week, plus, right here on The Late Late Show, he’s going to do the television debut of his brilliant new single ‘Bad Habits.'”

Watch Corden’s announcement above.

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