Ellie Goulding And Juice Wrld’s ‘Hate Me’ Video Is A Middle Finger To Every Terrible Ex

Ellie Goulding and Juice Wrld have shared the video for their collaborative song “Hate Me.”

“Hate Me” is bitter and intensely felt. Over a pounding bass and drums, Goulding taunts a lover who hates her (or hates how hard it is to get over her). Following in the footsteps of “Close To Me” (featuring Swae Lee), Goulding has booked some really great hip-hop features on her songs lately, and Juice Wrld’s paranoia is used to perfection here.

The video for “Hate Me” starts off with Goulding as a disembodied voice singing through a phone. The phone screen shows a slideshow of photos of Goulding going through deletion, but it’s obvious that’s not the last we’ll be hearing from her. The deletion seems to bring Goulding’s bitterness back to life, as she sticks a man-shaped doll full of pins and generally causes chaos. Juice Wrld lights up and sits in a chair, looking like the Grim Reaper in all black.

Goulding is known for her bright, sunny pop, and “Hate Me” is a cool departure from her usual sound. “I just went all out in this song,” she said of “Hate Me” in an interview. “I always like to do nice and I always like to give songs that have some kind of hope and positivity, but it’s kind of a messed up world out there, and I’ve seen it all. As soon as I had the track, it compelled me to do something a little bit different, and something a bit darker.”

Watch the video for “Hate Me” above.