Ellie Goulding And Juice Wrld Get Dark On Their Smooth New Pop Banger ‘Hate Me’

Ellie Goulding’s latest album is 2015’s Delirium, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy since then. She’s released a handful of singles this year, and now she has shared another new one, the Juice Wrld-featuring “Hate Me.” The track is a big pop banger with Goulding’s signature brand of epic-ness, alongside a hip-hop influence and a verse from Juice Wrld.

Goulding said of the song’s lyrics, “I love how this song is a bit tongue in cheek, it’s definitely lyrically different to most of my other songs but it’s fun to play around a bit.” She also spoke about the track with Zane Lowe, “I just went all out in this song. I always like to do nice and I always like to give songs that have some kind of hope and positivity, but it’s kind of a messed up world out there, and I’ve seen it all. As soon as I had the track, it compelled me to do something a little bit different, and something a bit darker.”

She also spoke about Juice Wrld’s involvement, saying, “I played it for Juice Wrld, he loved it and wanted to be involved. I think that was a testament as well, because he was like, ‘You know what? I feel this as well.’ I’m sure he’s been through some stuff, so it all just kind of worked out, so here we are.”

Furthermore, she address the status of her new album, saying she’s in London “getting it done.” She added that the album will be out “at some point,” saying, “I’ve had these songs for a few years, so I’m trying to re-evaluate and try to figure out if I still want them on the album. I don’t know if they’re still relevant to me in my life right now. […] The album is something that’s very special to me, so I’m trying to make sure it’s exactly what I want it to be and not just releasing it out of panic or because I need something.”

Listen to “Hate Me” above, and listen to Goulding’s interview with Lowe here.