Ellie Goulding’s ‘Sixteen’ Is A Nostalgic Dance-Pop Anthem

Remember 2010? British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding was absolutely everywhere. You couldn’t turn on a car radio, listen to Pandora, or attend a homecoming dance without hearing her single “Lights” at least once. “Lights” came out when I was sixteen, and the song (and Goulding) are inextricable from my and so many others’ teenage years.

Goulding’s last record, Delirium, was released in 2015, but she’s gearing up to release a new one later this year. Her latest single, “Sixteen,” is a nostalgic throwback of a song, reminiscent of the sound that endeared her to so many fans and an exciting look at what’s still to come. Over a compulsively danceable beat, Goulding reminisces on her teenage years living in a small house in small town, infatuated with a teenage dream of a love. It’s emotional and lovely, and it’s as catchy as “Lights.”

The singer-songwriter gave some context on “Sixteen” in a press release. “That age was such a pivotal year for me in many ways and this song is so close to my heart,” Goulding said. “It takes me back to the reckless days of being a teenager and I hope it reminds us all about the innocence of youth.”

Listen to “Sixteen” above.