Fans Think Olivia Rodrigo And TikToker Vinnie Hacker Are Dating Thanks To A Fairly Intimate Photograph

Olivia Rodrigo’s ups and downs with love have been on full display, especially through her music. Her breakout record “Drivers License” watches her move on from a past relationship, but not without doing one last thing that she promised him: getting her driver’s license. After the song’s release, many concluded that the record was about her previous rumored relationship with singer and actor Joshua Bassett. Rodrigo nor Bassett has ever confirmed who the song’s subject is, but it caused many to be quite interested in their respected love lives. That continues with Rodrigo at least thanks to a new photograph that was taken of her.

Following her concert in Los Angeles, which is a part of her Sour Tour, Rodrigo was spotted outside with popular TikToker Vinnie Hacker. The two had what many would deem as quite the intimate moment as they shared what appears to be more than your average platonic hug. The photographs made their rounds on social media and fans of both Rodrigo and Hacker were up in arms about the unexpected moment between the two.

“Olivia and vinnie hacker…,” one person wrote in a tweet. “He went with the one girl his crazy stans wouldnt scare away bc they love her too HE SMART.” Another added, “Olivia rodrigo and vinnie hacker might just be the plot twist of the year ngl.”

You can view more responses from fans below.