Olivia Rodrigo Brings Out Alanis Morissette For A Special Guest Performance On Her ‘Sour’ Tour

Olivia Rodrigo‘s Sour tour has proven to be one of the most significant tours of the year. From striking visuals to using her platform to speak on social justice and political matters, Rodrigo is representing Gen-Z in an effective manner. Also, one of the most exciting elements of the Sour tour is the impressive covers she’s performed by other pop-rock icons.

So far, she’s covered “Just A Girl” by No Doubt, “Seether” by Veruca Salt, and “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne. On one tour stop, Rodrigo brought Lavigne out to the stage, and the two sang a duet version of “Complicated.” At her latest stop in Los Angeles at the Greek Theater, Alanis Morissette joined Rodrigo for a performance of Morissette’s 1995 classic, “You Oughta Know.”

According to Variety, Morissette sang the first verse of the song, then she and Rodrigo sang the chorus together, before Rodrigo sang the second verse solo.

Rodrigo and Morissette first met last year, during an interview for Rolling Stone‘s annual Musicians On Musicians issue.

“I love how you’re so honest and talk about stuff that normally isn’t talked about in songwriting,” Rodrigo told Morissette.

Morissette replied, “Well, you’re doing the same. I’m excited. I went down many rabbit holes knowing I was going to meet you.”