Feid Celebrates LGBTQ+ Love In His Romantic ‘Prohibidox’ Video

Feid is celebrating universal love in his new music video for “Prohibidox.” In the romantic video that was released yesterday (October 16), the Colombian singer also features same-sex couples sharing tender moments together.

Since the release of Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo Te Pirateamos El Álbum last month, Feid has become a rising star in the reggaeton music scene. The Medellín native’s album was certified gold in the US a week after its release. The LP also became Feid’s first to breakthrough the top of Billboard‘s Hot Latin Albums chart when it climbed to No. 8.

“Prohibidox” is one of the songs from Feid’s Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo Te Pirateamos El Álbum. In the heartfelt song, he sings about falling for a woman who is already in a relationship where she’s underappreciated. “Why are the most sweetest things always forbidden,” Feid sings in Spanish.

The theme of forbidden love runs deeps in the “Prohibidox” video that was directed by Deathofgian. Among the many hot-and-heavy scenes of romances are same-sex couples having that same representation. There’s one moment in particular where two men are wrestling until they fall on the ground and embrace each other. This isn’t the first time that Feid has shown support for the LGBTQ+ community in his videos: Back in December, he also featured same-sex couples kissing in the “Friki” video featuring Karol G.

Feid is currently touring the US on his very first tour of the country. His US Trip Tour sold-out in minutes after the tickets went on-sale. Feid also appears in Ozuna‘s “Hey Mor” music video that was released on Friday. The song is a part of the Puerto Rican superstar’s new album Ozutochi.