Finneas Takes To The Piano For A Tender Cover Of Bon Iver’s ‘Flume’

Finneas dropped his debut album Optimist a few months ago, and now he’s back with new music via a Spotify Singles release, which features renditions of Optimist cut “Medieval” and Bon Iver’s “Flume.” For both tracks, Finneas takes to the piano and lets his vocals shine, especially on the tender Bon Iver cover.

Finneas said in a statement, “Honored to finally be able to get into the brand new and beautiful Spotify Studios to record these songs in these special arrangements.” He also tweeted of his “Flume” rendition, “My apologies to Bon Iver for the unsolicited cover- but I f*cking love this song and I’m so glad it exists. Listen to my cover if you must, then go listen to the original again.”

Finneas has long made it clear that he’s a Justin Vernon stan. In a 2019 Forbes interview, for example, he said, “There’s a line in Bon Iver’s song, “33 ‘GOD’,” which is an awesome song off an album [22, A Million] that’s really influenced my production and writing. The line is just, ‘A child ignored, these will just be places to me, now,’ and, ‘These will just be places to me, now,’ just hit me over the head when I heard it. I’d never really heard it put that way, but that’s how all of life kind of feels. You have a significant experience, and then for some reason, that significant experience is kind of undone. And then it’s just a place, or a street, or a park, or a car.”

Listen to Finneas’ performances of “Flume” and “Medieval” above. If you’d like to fulfill Finneas’ aforementioned request, find Bon Iver’s original version of “Flume” below.