Bon Iver Shares His Evocative New ‘Don’t Look Up’ Song, ‘Second Nature’

Much has been made about Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi’s involvement in the new movie Don’t Look Up, but they’re not the only recognizable music stars who played a part in bringing the film to life. As the movie ends, a new song from Bon Iver and film composer Nicholas Britell, “Second Nature,” plays, and now the track, an evocative and cinematic tune, has been shared.

Rolling Stone offers some background on the song, noting that director Adam McKay thought a Bon Iver track would be a perfect fit for the end of the movie. So, Britell called up Vernon — as the pair have known each other for years — and the two got to work.

Vernon told the publication, “I was energized and inspired beyond words, kinda like a bull in the pen before the rodeo.” He added, “I love the words, ‘We will see you next time… they’ll be water in the rain.’ Like next time, we’ll have a new chance, but the irony is we won’t have a second chance when it comes to climate change.” Britell noted, “It’s a beautiful thought but there’s also a warning there. And that’s the double meaning of the song; talking about what’s happening to nature and human nature’s role in that. I also love the line, ‘When’s that Rapture… will there be merch?’”

Vernon also said, “I think this movie is truly incredible and important. It brings levity and reality to us through humor and art. I’m incredibly moved to be a part of it.”

Listen to “Second Nature” above.