FLETCHER Deals With Her Altered 2020 Plans And Quarantining With Her Ex

Life always presents challenges, but for a variety of obvious reasons, 2020 has been a more difficult year than most. Musicians have been hit hard by the pandemic, and it certainly hasn’t been easy on FLETCHER. The rising pop star was preparing to have a huge year: She was set to release her debut album and go on tour with Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi. As she notes in the latest Honda Backstage video, though, those things didn’t happen. Instead, she changed her plans and had a year she didn’t see coming.

FLETCHER isn’t coy about the fact that 2020 has been difficult, saying in the video, “Rock bottom: It’s a phase that I’m in right now. I can’t be in sessions, I can’t perform, I can’t release anything. What’s my identity? I’m feeling super lost but also going through this emotional turmoil with my ex.”

She and her ex, YouTuber and content creator Shannon Beveridge, quarantined together, which resulted in The S(ex) Tapes, an EP about the dissolution of their relationship. FLETCHER explained the project (for which Beveridge helped create the visual components), “The whole concept behind S(ex) Tapes is somebody being caught in their most vulnerable. That’s what these visuals are for me, and being captured by somebody who’s captured me in all of my forms over the last four years.”

The EP dropped in September, and with that in the (not-so-distant) past, FLETCHER is eager to find out what’s next for her: “I am on the other side of this. My truest, strongest self is on the other side of this, and I want to know what this person looks like so I can share that with the people in my life.”

Check out the video above.