(G)I-DLE Goes Blonde As They Pay Homage To Marilyn Monroe In ‘Nxde’

If there are K-Pop groups that can push the boundaries of being unapologetic for being themselves and celebrating womanhood, (G)I-DLE is, by far, most definitely one of them.

Following their chart-topping single “TOMBOY” off their first studio album I Never Die earlier this year, (G)I-DLE makes their comeback with a burlesque twist in their latest single “Nxde.” The alternative pop track “metaphorically expresses the authentic, true self of one as nude” with lyrics full of “sarcasm at the provocative views on the word,” according to a press release from CUBE Entertainment shared yesterday (October 17).

Soyeon, (G)I-DLE’s leader and the mastermind behind “Nxde” dives deeper into the meaning of the song during the album’s showcase.

“Your true self isn’t you with makeup on, but your bareface is,” she begins to explain. “You don’t call it ‘makeup-less face.’ It’s just a face. I think that’s how I saw ‘Nxde.’ You wearing the real version of yourself. So that’s how the song was made, and it’s a song in the alternative pop genre that adopted the melody of ‘Habanera,’ the aria of ‘Carmen‘ the opera.”

The music video compliments the song’s messaging when the members pay homage to Marilyn Monroe becoming blonde bombshells.

“Time-wise, when Marilyn Monroe was active as a star, she was the blonde beauty, being consumed as a sex symbol. The standards change with time. Nowadays, if you carry designer brand bags, then people would judge you by your looks. Each era has a different stereotype. If you look like a nice person, then you’re a nice person. If you don’t look like one, people would think you have quite a temper. To tackle that, we wanted to focus on the time when Marilyn Monroe was active, so all of us decided to go blonde,” Soyeon closes out.

“Nxde” is the first track off of (G)I-DLE’s fifth EP. The new project consists of track written by members Yuqi, Minnie, and Soyeon.

Check the full tracklist to [I love] below.

1. “Nxde”
2. “LOVE”
3. “Change”
4. “Reset”
5. “조각품 (Sculpture)”
6. “DARK (X-file)”