An Early ‘Glass Onion’ Beatles Reference Is A Clue That People Are Just Starting To Notice

Netflix’s newest murder mystery sequel, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, hit the streaming platform last month — giving fans a chance to try and spot all the easter eggs that director Rian Johnson planted.

As the film’s title was derived from a song by The Beatles (“Glass Onion”), viewers who loved the fab four caught some other references to the band that people might’ve missed. An eagle-eyed Twitter user was curious about the scene where the guests meet the billionaire character, Miles Bron, who is playing “Blackbird.” (Which also holds more clues, but we’ll get to that.)

“One lovely touch in GLASS ONION is that when we meet Miles Bron, he’s playing Blackbird on ‘the guitar Paul wrote it on’. But he’s playing right-handed, while Macca is perhaps the most famous left-handed musician of all time. A clue, @rianjohnson, or did he just have it refitted?” the user asked.

Johnson responded, confirming the suspicion. “One for the Beatles heads!” he said. The director, who previously titled the Knives Out franchise after a Radiohead song, settled on The Beatles for the follow-up, after scrolling through his songs for the word “glass” — according to Esquire.

Anyways, back to “Blackbird.” Not only does the song appear on the same album as “Glass Onion,” but one of the other characters, Birdie Jay, described it as her “favorite.” However, during the movie, it’s revealed she has some problematic posts, showing that the original song’s message on the Civil Rights Movement went completely over her head.

However, other viewers caught the moment’s irony. Continue scrolling for some reactions to The Beatles bit in Glass Onion.