Gracie Abrams Celebrates Her New Album With A Video Of ‘Legend’ Taylor Swift Putting Out A Kitchen Fire

Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams (read our interview) are talented songwriters. They’re less good at putting out fires.

“Writing this entire song from 2am to 6am was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. @taylorswift13 now we know how to use a fire extinguisher. I love you,” Abrams, who released her second album The Secret Of Us on Friday, wrote on X about the Swift collab “Us.” She also shared a video of The Incident. The pair are trying — and mostly failing — to put out a fire after a candle fell over in Swift’s New York City apartment. “I think we’re going to die,” Swift says while holding the fire extinguisher. Spoiler: they didn’t die.

Be sure to stick around for Mr. Benjamin Button’s last-second cameo.

Abrams talked about the fire in an interview with People. “She was such a legend – I don’t know how at this hour or in our state she knew what to do. We both had an insane cough from the fire extinguisher fumes for weeks,” she said. Abrams also praised working with Swift and The National’s Aaron Dessner, who produced The Secret Of Us. “Something caught our ear at the same time very hard and fast. So we ran to the piano and started writing this song. I used to fantasize about that kind of a thing as a kid,” she raved.

The Secret Of Us is out now via Interscope. Find more information here.