Gracie Abrams And Taylor Swift Hold On To A Past Love On Their New Collab, ‘Us’

Gracie Abrams gets personal on her new album, The Secret Of Us. On her sophomore album, Abrams shares painfully relatable anecdotes as she grows through love. On a special song called “Us” — a raw, poignant collaboration with Taylor Swift — Abrams looks back on a relationship fondly, but finds herself hurting over the fact that she can’t get those moments back.

Helping Abrams tap into those emotions are Swift, who mostly delivers background vocals, as well as prolific producers, Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff, who contributed to the song’s emotional production.

“Do you miss us, us? / I felt it, you held it, do you miss us, us? Wonder if you regret the secret of us,” sing Abrams and Swift on the song’s chorus.

Though Abrams doesn’t call out anyone by name, it seems like she may be talking about her rumored ex, Dylan O’Brien. This is perhaps most evident as she sings “You’re twеnty-nine years old / So how can you be cold when I open my home?” on the song’s bridge, which seems to allude to the secretive nature of their rumored relationship.

You can listen to “Us” above.

The Secret Of Us is out now via Interscope. Find more information here.