Grimes Seeks Advice From Instagram Moms On How To ‘Cope’ While Working During Pregnancy

Grimes and Elon Musk recently announced they have a baby on the way. It’s her first, and she’s been figuring out how to juggle work while undergoing a huge change to her life and her body. Thankfully, she has a huge support group at her fingertips. The singer took to Instagram to seek advice from other moms on how to find work-life balance, saying she is struggling with early-on complications while promoting her forthcoming record, Miss_Anthropocene.

In an honest Instagram post, Grimes addressed her pregnancy difficulties, in which she said she feels as though she was “woefully ill prepared” because pregnancy isn’t “as visible or discussed as it should be” and she “just didn’t rly understand” what she was “getting into.” She said she’s struggling with properly devoting time to her album promotion because pregnancy makes working “a lot harder.” Along with physical labor, she said she’s having difficulty with emotional labor as well. In particular, she feels less equipped to deal with online haters.

Luckily help was on the way. In the comments, Grimes received a wealth of encouraging comments and advice from other musicians. Canadian singer Lights told her to “be prepared to cry every day and love it.” Singer/songwriter and actor Chantal Claret also had advice to offer in the comments. “I started being really guilty I had zero energy to work and then realized my energy was going towards creating human life and cut myself slack for having zero energy to work,” Claret said.

Miss_Anthropocene doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but time will tell if Grimes’ pregnancy pushes back the record’s debut.