Grimes Says ‘Miss_Anthropocene’ Might Be Her Last Album, And She Doesn’t Want To Tour Again

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Last month, Grimes announced a new album, Miss_Anthropocene, via Instagram. The Canadian musician has been releasing a bunch of non-album things lately — a hidden song on SoundCloud, a demo of a non-album track, a Bring Me The Horizon collab — but Miss_Anthropocene is supposedly coming later this year. If Grimes gets her way, though, it’ll be the last album she makes.

In a new interview with Flaunt magazine, Grimes talks about Miss_Anthropocene and where her career is headed after the album’s release. Per her contract, she owes one more album to her label, and then the singer plans on never releasing another one.

“I’ll never sign with another label,” Grimes said. “I’ll never have to put out another album… If I didn’t have this whole requirement to release an ‘album,’ I would have just dropped a bunch of music ages ago… Albums are trash unless you sit down and make a really good album. I’m not really that consistent. I feel like I would work better in like EP-ish formats.”

And it’s not just albums the singer is renouncing. Grimes opened up about her debilitating stage fright. “I wanna retire from touring,” she elaborated. “I wanna do a hologram tour. Why do we keep doing them for dead artists instead of living ones who have stage fright?”

You can read Grimes’ full interview with Flaunt here.