Halsey And Dominic Fike Hit The Tennis Court For Their ‘Dominic’s Interlude’ Video

Sprinkled throughout Bernie Sanders interviewer Halsey’s newest album, Manic, is a series of interlude tracks, on which she lets another singer take the vocal reigns. On “Dominic’s Interlude,” that honor goes to noted Fortnite concert streamer Dominic Fike. Now, he and Halsey have shared a video for their collaboration.

The clip shows Halsey, Fike, and others dancing to the song on a tennis court. The video is actually derived from the visual Halsey played on tour between performances of “Forever … (Is A Long Time)” and “I Hate Everybody,” which mirrors the sequencing of the album. Fans have pointed out the two videos aren’t exactly the same, though.

Halsey previously explained the song’s role on the record, saying, “Every album of mine has what we call a trio: three songs smack in the middle that serve as a transition and are meant to be listened to in succession. On Manic, it’s ‘Forever … (Is A Long Time),’ ‘Dominic’s Interlude,’ and ‘I Hate Everybody.’ On [‘Forever’], I’m falling in love. […] And then I start getting in my own head. […] And now I’m sabotaging this relationship and feeling paranoid, this is going to be bad. And then Dominic tells me [on ‘Dominic’s Interlude’] I’d better go tell my man he’s got bad news coming.” She also noted, “The interludes represent different relationships in my life: Dom represents brotherly love.”

Watch the “Dominic’s Interlude” video above.