Halsey Got Off Stage And Immediately Tattooed Their Keyboardist

Halsey has plenty of tattoos — as of last summer, the count was up to 41. With all that ink, Millie Bobby Brown would have to spend a lot of time in the make-up chair to play Halsey in a biopic. Anyway, lately, Halsey has gotten into dishing it as well as they can take it by manning the tattoo gun and putting ink on skin herself. She did more of that recently, actually barely even waiting until her concert was over before tattooing one of her bandmembers.

Bonnie McIntosh-Ravey, the keyboardist on Halsey’s Love And Power tour, shared a couple photos today, one of Halsey applying a tattoo to her arm and another of the ink itself, which reads “love + POWER” in differing fonts, a softer one for “love” and a more forceful look for “POWER.”

Sharing the photos, McIntosh-Ravey wrote, “Me: *wants a Love + Power Tour tattoo.* Ash: *busts out her tattoo kit and does it herself…at the venue…of our last show…right after getting off stage.* I mean… what a f*ckin flex.”

Halsey started giving tattoos last yeah, doing their first one on partner Alev Aydin. He shared a photo of the art, a lovely looking koi fish, and wrote, “Sat for @iamhalsey’s first tattoo, and wow!”