Harry Styles Was Intrigued By A Chicken Nugget A Fan Threw At Him On Stage

Harry Styles is in the midst of a residency at New York’s famed Madison Square Garden, and so far, it’s been eventful. Just before going on stage for his Sunday (August 28) show, Harry’s House won the 2022 MTV Video Music Award for Album Of The Year. During the show the night before, there was a slightly less glamorous moment, when a fan threw a chicken nugget at Harry Styles.

The pop star handled it well and even had some fun with it. A fan-shot video sees Styles admiring the poultry chucker’s creativity, saying, “Interesting, very interesting approach.” After asking who threw the nugget, some fans started chanting for him to eat it. Styles, a pescatarian, refused, saying, “I don’t eat chicken, sorry. I don’t eat meat.”

After returning the nugget to the fan, he grabbed another nugget that was also thrown on stage and continued, “First of all, this is cold, and I’m assuming very old.” He then laughed and asked if the fan would like him to return the nugget. After apparently getting an affirmative answer, he laughed some more and asked why before throwing it back and instructing the fan to not eat it. Styles continued, “Now it’s on the floor. Don’t go looking for it, we’ll get you another nugget, OK? Fear not, fear not.”

Check out the clip above.