Harry Styles Has A Beard, No Shirt, And Tentacles In His Latest Video And Fans Don’t Know What To Do With Themselves

Late last night, Harry Styles teased a new video for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant,” which premiered this afternoon. Through both the teaser and the video itself, one thing immediately stuck out to fans: Styles had a beard (for the video, at least) and tentacles.

In the clip, Styles is a mermaid-like sea creature with a beard and tentacles in place of legs. He gets captured by fisherman and brought to a restaurant, where he worries about being turned into sushi. He actually ends up being treated quite well, though, getting pampered and becoming a mascot for the restaurant.

Regardless of what happens in the video, folks on the internet have a lot of thoughts about Styles’ look, specifically the beard-iness of it.

There are those who think it’s a fantastic look that Styles should keep around:


Not everybody loves it, though, with one person declaring, “i need harry styles to never grow his beard ever in his life.”


And there are others who are still shocked and just trying to make sense of it all:

While he’s rocking a beard in the clip, one thing he hasn’t been wearing recently as Adidas shoes. They’ve been included as part of his tour wardrobe, but he switched to Vans for a recent show, prompting rumors that he’s boycotting Adidas in light of the Kanye West antisemitism drama.