Harry Styles Got Hilariously Shut Down By Somebody Who Had Rosalía’s Old Phone Number

Rosalía is preparing to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. In the days before the show, it’s not uncommon to see SNL guests stop by Late Night With Seth Meyers or The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (both of which are taped in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, as is SNL) for an interview. That’s just what Rosalía did last night, as she sat down for a chat with Fallon and told a funny story about Harry Styles unknowingly texting with somebody who had her old phone number.

Rosalía started by sharing a text conversation screenshot Styles sent her on Instagram, which Styles explained, “Your texts are confusing.” The conversation begins with Styles saying, “This is so beautiful,” regarding Rosalía’s 2020 single “Dolerme.” Of course, Rosalía wasn’t actually on the receiving end of this text, but whoever was played along for a bit, responding, “I know my darling.” From there, they go back and forth: “Love it,” “Love you,” and “Love you toooooooo.”

Then the mystery texter broke character and replied in three consecutive texts, “Haha sorry. You’re wrong. I don’t know who you are.” Styles responded, “I’m confused.” The texter then replied by explaining more thoroughly and doing something most people probably wouldn’t do if they were knowingly texting with Styles: telling him to leave them alone. They wrote, “This number belongs to someone before. But now it’s my number. So don’t bother me anymore. Good night. Thanks.”

Naturally, that saga got a big laugh out of Fallon, as many things do.

Speaking of SNL, Rosalía was all smiles in some SNL promos that were shared yesterday, alongside Mikey Day, Chris Redd, and host Zoë Kravitz. So, check out the Fallon interview above and the SNL promos below.