Rosalía Releases The Guitar-Driven Anthem ‘Dolerme’ To Ease The Pain Of Isolation

Rosalía had a busy 2019 as the singer continued to enjoy her global breakout success and even performed at the Grammys. But as the coronavirus continues to spread, the singer is heeding the warnings of health professionals and quarantining herself. As a way to stay sane during a time of isolation, the singer debuted the heartbreak anthem “Dolerme.”

Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Rosalía delivers each verse with poignant emotion. “Dolerme,” which translates to “Hurt Me,” is a message of self-worth. Along with the song’s release, Rosalía posted a message to her fans about being quarantined:

“Many of us are in quarantine and many of us are remaining inside our home. I am in quarantine and I have lost track of time a bit because I decided that I was not going to think about it too much and that instead I was going to put my energy and my heart into doing something for others, in my own way. I know that what I do as an artist it may seem trivial, for some it will be, but for me being able to make music is mental health. This song is called ‘Dolerme’ and I hope it makes you feel a little better like it did when I wrote it… please take care of yourself and take care of everyone around you, with all my love.”

Listen to “Dolerme” above.