Rosalia Shares Another ‘Motomami’ Preview With Her Dance-Centric ‘Chicken Teriyaki’ Video

Ever since Rosalía shared the racy album artwork for her upcoming album, Motomami, excitement has been building for the release. She’s previously shared her collaboration with The Weeknd, “La Fama,” and the reggaeton-referencing “Saoko” Since there’s still a few weeks before the album drops, the Spanish pop star has shared yet another preview of what’s to come with today’s “Chicken Teriyaki” video. The Tanu Muino-directed video is her third release from Motomami, which will be Rosalía’s third studio album. In the dance-centric “Chicken Teriyaki” video, she leads her crew in a series of warmups and stretches before the real work begins.

Once the dance party starts, the catchy choruses of “chicken teriyaki” elicit all kinds of hilarious moves from the dancers. Combining shots from the cinematographers with iPhone clips from the other dancers, who offer very interesting perspectives on Rosalía, shooting her from the ground and other unusual angles, the video is a playful celebration of just how physical her music can be. At one point, a delivery guy even busts through the window on a motorcycle to deliver some of the song’s titular food to the hungry crew. Check out the video above and keep an ear out for more music before the album comes out in a few weeks.