Harry Styles Goes Viral After Fans Slam Him For Not Wearing A Proper Mask

Harry Styles has been taking over headlines this week when rumors of him dating Olivia Wilde arose after the two attended a wedding together. Now, another photo of them together has gone viral — but not for the same reason. Styles was spotted wearing a face-covering bandana rather than a proper mask, and fans are urging him to be more careful.

“Harry wear a mask” went viral on Twitter after photos surfaced of him on an outing with Wilde and a few friends. Styles was covering his face with a bandana, rather than a cloth mask, and his fans took the opportunity to shame him for it.


Fans maintained their love for the singer while also urging him, and other Styles fans, to wear an effective mask to prevent against the spread of COVID-19.

Per the CDC’s website, the official safety recommendations are to wear a multiple-layered cloth mask that fits snug around your nose and mouth. The CDC does not mention bandanas but they do note that neck gaiters, or neck warmers, are acceptable only if they have two layers. However, items like bandanas or gaiters oftentimes are more likely to have gaps around the nose area.

See Styles fans encourage the singer to wear a proper mask above.

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