Here’s How You Can Be On Coldplay’s New Album ‘Moon Music’

In September, Uproxx’s Phil Cosores wrote on the sustainability of Coldplay, reviewing the band’s performance at San Diego’s Snapdragon Stadium. At the time, the band’s most recent album was 2021’s Music Of The Spheres. That’s soon to change, though, as they recently announced their next album, Moon Music — and this time, they’re offering their fans the opportunity to participate.

Revealing that the album is “nearly finished,” Coldplay teased a song called “One World,” to which they’d add fans’ voices. “All you have to do,” they wrote, “is record yourself singing ‘Ahhhhh’ for a few seconds at”

The site has instructions, reading:

– Record your “Ahhhhh” by pressing the microphone icon
– You can listen to your vocal and re-record if necessary
– Click on the tickbox if you’d like to be credited in the track’s digital booklet

And that’s it. They do require that fans be older than the age of majority in your jurisdiction (generally speaking, 18 years old) and not sing words or phrases.

There’s also a leaderboard showing which regions the most entries are coming from (as of this writing, the US and Britain are in the lead, naturally, followed by Italy, Brazil, and Mexico).

You can check out the website for more information.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .