Here Is Coldplay’s ‘Music Of The Spheres World Tour’ Setlist

Coldplay released Music Of The Spheres in 2021. The Chris Martin-fronted band is still bringing the album is seemingly every hemisphere on their subsequent Music Of The Spheres World Tour reducing their carbon footprint and covering Backstreet Boys along the way.

According to Coldplay’s official website, the seven-time Grammy winners are next scheduled to perform four nights in Amsterdam from July 15 to 19 before coming stateside. Their North American leg will begin at Lumen Field in Seattle, Washington on September 20 and conclude at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California on October 1.

That gives you plenty of time to study Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres World Tour setlist. There have been slight variations from show to show, but below is their most recent setlist from July 12 in Sweden (as logged by

Act I: Planets

1. “Higher Power”
2. “Adventure Of A Lifetime”
3. “Paradise”
4. “The Scientist”

Act II: Moons

5. “Viva La Vida”
6. “Hymn For The Weekend”
7. “Jennifer’s Birthday Song”
8. “Charlie Brown”
9. “Yellow”

Act III: Stars

10. “Human Heart”
11. “People Of The Pride”
12. “Clocks”
13. “Infinity Sign”
14. “Something Just Like This”
15. “Aeterna”
16. “My Universe”
17. “A Sky Full Of Stars”

Act IV: Home

18. “Sparks”
19. “Magic” (with Luciia)
20. “Humankind”
21. “Fix You”
22. “Biutyful”

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .