Jack Antonoff Calls Damon Albarn A ‘Herb’ Over His Taylor Swift Songwriting Jabs

Well, it was just an ordinary Monday afternoon and then Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur etc.) had to go there. In a new interview with The Los Angeles Times, Albarn proved his ignorance of Taylor Swift’s vast catalogue by claiming she doesn’t write her own songs. Now, if there’s one thing Taylor is famous for, it’s basically…. writing her own songs, so she immediately sprang to her own defense over what has been a sore subject.

Yes, the myth that pop stars are artificial and not involved in their own process is still persisting, especially in the minds of older generations, who tout a certain rockism over poptimism. Luckily, it isn’t just Taylor who knows about her capabilities, but all the people who have had the pleasure to work with her along the way. One such artist is none other than Jack Antonoff, Bleachers frontman and frequent producer and collaborator of Swiftian anthems. And yes, he’s just as pissed as Taylor was about the debacle of Damon’s accusation.

“I’ve never met Damon Albarn and he’s never been to my studio but apparently he knows more than the rest of us about all those songs Taylor writes and brings in,” he began, with a definitive “Herb” to finish it off. Then he added: “If you were there … cool … go off. if not … maybe …. shut the f*ck up?”

Considering just how many artists have praised their great experience working with Taylor on songs, odds are this is just the beginning of voices chiming in with support for her. But of course, Jack got there first — that’s what good friends do.