Joe Biden, Sunglasses And All, Addressed The Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory On ‘Seth Meyers’ And Had Some Fun With It

Earlier this year, Taylor Swift was at the center of a couple of political conspiracy theories. One was that she was a PsyOp for the Pentagon. Another was that this year’s Super Bowl would be rigged in the Kansas City Chiefs’ favor, so Swift, who is dating Chiefs star Travis Kelce, could use the occasion to endorse President Joe Biden for re-election.

Are either of those true? It seems unlikely. Still, Biden himself took some time to address the latter.

It was all in good fun, of course. The POTUS was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers yesterday (February 26), and Meyers brought up the Swift stuff, making note of Biden’s comedic post-Super Bowl social post that read, “Just like we drew it up.” He then asked, “Can you confirm or deny that there is an active conspiracy between you and Ms. Swift?”

A straight-faced Biden, who threw his sunglasses on moments earlier while jokingly sharing his thoughts on the “Dark Brandon” meme of him, responded, “Where are you getting this information? It’s classified.” He added, “That’s classified information. But I will tell you, she did endorse me in 2020.”

Meyers then wondered, “You think it might come around again?” Biden again deadpanned, “I told you, it’s classified.”

The chat moved on from there, so check out the clip above.