John Mayer Joined TikTok And Taylor Swift Fans Were Not Happy About It

Infamous jam band pivoter John Mayer decided to join TikTok today, but little did the two set aficionado realize that coming into Gen Z’s world means playing by Gen Z’s rules. Almost immediately after Mayer made his first post, a clip of him mocking his own age by fumbling with the camera and pretending not to know how to work it.


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The comments underneath his first post were, ahem, Swift, with thousands of teens reminding him that they have not forgotten that when he reportedly dated Taylor Swift for a hot minute between 2009 and 2010, he was reportedly, kind of the worst. Around the time the pair allegedly dated Tayyor was about 20 and John was about 32… just for reference. And yes, there is a song on Taylor’s 2010 album Speak Now called “Dear John” that Swifites have been convinced for years now is about none other than Mr. Mayer himself.

For his second post on the video sharing app, Mayer seemed to poke fun at the fan’s reactions, captioning the clip: “POV: You’re berating me and I’m hearing you out.” Well, at least he does seem to have a grasp on how TikTok works, after all. For her part, Taylor is currently too busy fighting battles against Netflix and jokes made in poor taste to care about the guy who was a jerk to her a decade ago.